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Staff Mini Grants - Great Idea program

The Northville High School PTSA established a Grant program to benefit the students and staff at NHS. The purpose of the Grant Program is to make funds available to teachers and staff that are members of the PTSA to provide educational enriching opportunities for the students. Each year the PTSA Executive Board evaluates the PTSA's annual budget and allocates a portion of these funds to the Mini Grant program. This amount may change from year to year. 

Grant Application Form 

For consideration, teachers/staff submit their request using the Mini Grant Application Form.

The Mini Grant Application should be used for item(s) not covered in the school's budget or by other funding sources.

Grant Application Consideration

Consideration will be given to applications that support an entire grade level curriculum area or benefit a large segment of students. The application should relate or connect to curriculum or a school improvement initiative. Creative and innovative ideas are encouraged. Teacher/staff applying for a mini grant must be a member of the NHS PTSA.

Grant Application Approval

The NHS PTSA Executive Board will meet to review all applications by the application deadline, and the committee chairperson will notify teachers/staff of the outcome of their Grant submissions.

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